We are getting closer to normal.   


The renovations that were preventing us from allowing patrons inside are finished for now.  We have new front doors and new carpet.  We can let a limited number of patrons into the building in a very limited way.  We are still required to take other measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  


As of August 2, 2020:

Starting Monday, August 3rd:   


  • Masks are required to enter the building.   Our staff is wearing masks.  Our contractors are wearing masks.  You must wear a mask as well.  


  • Only 10 patrons are allowed inside at a time.  


  • Pickup of materials can be inside the building at the circulation desk, just like the good old days!  We look forward to seeing all of you and catching up on the news from the past few months.  How are you?  How have you been?


  • Curbside pickup will continue.  As before, when you get your notice that your materials are ready for pickup, if you prefer, you can reserve a pickup time and pick up your items without any personal contact at our Fifth Avenue entrance.  


  • Please return books via the book drop at our main entrance.  The book drop at the circulation desk is closed.  All returned items will be held in quarantine for THREE days before being handled by library staff.  In other words, if you return your book on Monday, it will not be scanned into the system until Thursday.  The "returned date" will still be Monday, but it won't appear on your account until Thursday.  Fines etc. will not accrue on those three days.


  • No browsing the grown-up books (except for the book displays near the circulation desk).  Sorry.  We're being careful.  As before, if you want a book, you can reserve it and we will get it for you.  


  • One family at a time will be allowed to browse the kids' books room.  We know how difficult it can be for a parent to find books their kids will like, and want to try this to see if it works.  Keep your fingers crossed!


  • Limited computer use.  Time at the computer is limited to one hour, first come first serve.  Staff will not help patrons with the computers.  There will be sanitizing gel at each computer station, and we will be sanitizing the keyboards and mice as often as possible.  We cannot allow a patron to "wait" for a computer to become available, neither inside nor outside.  Please try again later.  


  • Faxing with exact change only.  Sorry, money is dirty and we want to minimize our handling of it.  Please have $1 bills.  


  • Copying with exact change only. Again, we are trying to minimize our handling of money.  Coins only.


  • Printing with exact change only.  Yes, we are serious about not handling money.  Coins only.  


  • Fees for DVDs, Audiobooks, overdue books can be paid with exact change only.  We really really mean it.  Sorry.


  • No loitering in the library.  Sorry, we cannot allow patrons to relax inside just yet.  We hope to have that again soon.  Thanks!


September 1

  • All library cards that have expired since March 14 or will expire before September 1 are being extended until September 1.  This date may change.